Birthday Party Entertainment NJ

Party Maniacs is a fun Birthday party entertainment company that services all of NJ. We offer all types of fun party entertainment for kids parties in NJ including: face painting, balloon sculpting, Musical Balloons, limbo, Simon says, parachute game, musical balloons, group dances, bubble wrap pop game, and the most popular game - the toilet paper blower and more!

Offering One of the Best Party Entertainment Services in NJ

Hi, my name is Scott Levy and I am the founder and operator of the Party Maniacs - Children's entertainment party service. I feel that we are one of the best places to develop this business, I took my vast experience working with children: Certified Teacher, Nursery School Teacher, Assistant Camp Director, Water Front Director, Swim Instructor, Assistant Athletic Director/Sports Specialist, Substitute Teacher, and what started it all - Camp Counselor and used this knowledge to help me develop Party Maniacs.

I have learned that keeping the children active with fun and safe activities, makes for a great party. With our games there are only winners (never losers) and our parties are designed so that the children are all participating at once, which means no child ever has to wait. All staff are hired by myself and being, professional and kid friendly is a must.